With the onset of better days and better versions of me, hopefully the spaces between my writing will get closer and closer, too. So I sporadically write between the blog (www.applenocom.com) and this letter list. The content may sometimes be the same, but I will try to keep them different.

A couple times a month. And all I'll promise to do is try.

My offer to you:

In exchange for a small space in your Inbox, you'll get love letters from time to time, with a special, one-time tarot reading on the house.

What to expect:

Signing up for the tiny letter means you'll get stories, snippets, and hellos from me straight in your email's inbox. You can write me back and tell me things, like what you had for breakfast, that you think I'm not that funny, or whether I should tell my crush he talks too much. Whatever you like. Let's just make this a thing and get me writing again.

No spam, no scam. I just want to make magic for you.
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